Welcome to Fireside Goods!

At Fireside Goods, we believe in the handmade, and that the time, attention, and effort that goes into making things are some of the best parts of life.

Just like how all good things start, we started in a garage in Omaha, Nebraska with some tools dreaming up small projects for ourselves and making them happen on the weekends. There is something so satisfying taking a piece of wood and creating a purpose for it. What we made came out pretty nice and somewhere along the line we realized that we wanted to share our passion with other folks. In no time, Fireside Goods was born.

We've always love the idea of creating something out of pieces of wood that can be enjoyed in someone else's everyday life. Each one of our pieces is crafted by hand --unique in its own way, whether that be from the pattern of the grain or the interesting knots in the wood. Our bottle openers stem from our passion for craft beer and wanting a unique and artistic way to open bottles that's also practical. Our knife racks are designed with simplicity and beauty in mind, with a desire to present knifes in a unique way. We love coming up with designs that relate to the stuff we enjoy doing, whether that be brewing beer, cooking, gardening, biking, or enjoying the outdoors.

We continue working in our small shop in Omaha, Nebraska with the goal of making quality handmade products for people to enjoy and hoping to share a little piece of what we value most:  hard work, self reliance, simplicity, and community.